Our Approach

Moving large groups of people a short distance can be a hassle. Ordering multiple rideshares can cause confusion and splits up your group. Party buses and luxury coaches can be very expensive and are not really necessary when you will only be on board for a short amount of time.


What We Offer

We offer what we like to call 'Party Shuttles'. Some people call our rides a 'Party Bus' but we prefer to call them a 'Bus you can party on'. There is no wet bar, fancy seating, mirror on the ceiling, or dancing pole. There are mood lights and an aux cord. When you need to move from your pregame to the main event on a budget, that is all you really need!

Our Story

Upon graduating from the U of A in 2007, and facing that classic 'What do I do now?' question, James Knight drove a cab to help out a friend who was short a driver. Being fresh out of college, he was able to quickly serve a niche market for students (and many of his friends) that were still in college. He eventually bought that cab. And then another one. Plus some bicycle rickshaws. Desert Fox Taxi and Delivery was born. Then he bought a limo. And another one. And then a bus, and so forth. He changed the name to Desert Fox Transport to welcome the limos and buses to the fleet, as they really couldn't be referred to as taxis. With the creation of rideshare companies, it was time to shift once again to Desert Fox Shuttle. We provide chartered and short distance shuttles to large groups of people.


Meet the Team

Here are a few of the faces of Desert Fox Shuttle. 


James Knight

Owner, Driver

U of A Alumni 2007

Arizona Alpha - Phi Delta Theta Alumni 


Raxon Cho

Web Designer & Social Media

U of A Alumni 2016

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