All Departures from Tucson are at 9 am from Espresso Art Cafe at 942 E University Blvd. All Return departures from Vegas begin at 9 am and are scheduled TBA dependant on passenger’s resort locations.
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Pack your bags, you are almost on your way!Here are some travel tips and rules for traveling with us.

Tips:Scan and email a copy of your passport to yourself. Also print a color photo copy of your main passport page. Place this in an article of luggage that is different from where you keep your passport.Notify someone not traveling with you of your travel itinerary. Check in with them often during your trip, and when you return home.

Rules:Absolutely no drinking or open containers on the shuttle. Water is fine. We are using newer model, low-mileage 15 passenger leased vans. Help us protect our investment and keep them nice for future riders.

Any disruptive or aggressive behavior towards the driver or other passengers will not be tolerated. If this occurs the offending passenger(s) will be dropped off at the nearest safe location, chosen by the driver. Current and future fares will be forfeited.

As with all travel, delays happen. Desert Fox Shuttle is not responsible for mechanical breakdowns, traffic delays or road blocks, border delays or shutdowns, etc. We have encountered small delays in the past. When they happen we work to do everything in our power to get you to your destination safely, at our expense, up to the cost of your fare. If you wish to purchase additional travel insurance for lodging, luggage, etc please do so on your own. We are not responsible for these items or charges incurred or lost as the result of a delay. We do not provide refunds.

We reserve the right to substitute larger or smaller vehicles to meet booking demands.